Computer Corner

1. You may well get email messages that look like they are from someone you know, but have a strange ‘Subject’ such as ‘Hello’ or ‘Hi there’ which doesn’t ring true coming from this person. It is generally OK to open them because the scammers are trying to get you to click on a link or open an attachment.  If things look suspicious simply delete the email.  DON’T reply or click on any link.

There are a great many scams going around that people should be aware of, so here are some tips about what to look out for:

The controls that allow you to print or download that file appear in the black band at the top. If those don’t show then simply move your mouse cursor over that black band and they will re-appear.

On the website, whenever there is a document like a poster or booking form available when you click on the picture, it will appear as shown here on the right.