For our 25th anniversary year in 2011, an excellent booklet was produced.

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Committee and AGM Minutes

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Council Tax Cut

Tens of thousands of vulnerable people could be missing out on a council tax discount that could save them thousands of pounds, research suggests.

Those diagnosed as "severely mentally impaired" don't have to pay the tax and two-person households, where one is a sufferer, qualify for a 25% discount.

'False information'

To claim for a severely mentally impaired or SMI discount, the person must have been certified as having a severe mental impairment by a doctor, and be eligible for, but not necessarily receiving, at least one benefit such as attendance allowance, personal independence or disability living allowance.

Dr Hilda Hayo, chief executive of Dementia UK, said local authority staff often simply didn't know the rules.

"Basically there is a lack of communication, they don't know about the exemption or the reduction, and they give false information to families, which means it puts them off actually applying," she said.

A spokesman for the Department for Communities and Local Government said: "The law is clear that where people are severely mentally impaired, their council tax bill should take account of this."