Membership & Joining 


At present the club has about 42 Full Members (capacity of 60), no Associate Members, 3 Country Members and 5 Honorary Life Members.

Membership of the Club is normally open to retired or semi-retired Professional and Business Men - or others who have had some measure of responsibility during their working life - who have attended a minimum of 3 meetings as the guest of a member. Should no vacancies exist for membership of the Club, approved applicants shall be offered Associate Membership if places exist.

Country Member:

The status of Country Member is conferred, by approval of the committee, on a Full Member when he is unable to regularly attend the meetings owing to health, domestic problems or if he has moved out of the area but still wishes to keep in touch with the club and attend when circumstances permit.

Honorary Life Members:

Any member may be proposed as an Honorary Life Member in recognition of service to the Club and shall have all the privileges of subscribing members. Such proposal, which must be seconded by another Member of the Club, must be passed by at least two thirds of the members present at a meeting of the Club.

Joining the Club:

Most members join the club firstly by being invited to attend a number of the regular meetings as a guest. He with his wife or partner, if appropriate, may also be invited to take part in social events.  A person wishing to join must attend at least 3 meetings as a guest.

An application can then be made, signed by a proposer - usually the member who gave the original invitation - and a seconder. This is then submitted for consideration by the committee.

Anyone wishing to join the club who is not known to any of the current members should contact the secretary who will arrange for that person to attend a regular meeting as a guest of the club and proceed from there.

Anyone thinking of applying to join the club should not view the above procedure as a daunting process. The club's ethos is one of friendship and good humour, but with its numbers and popularity it does need to be properly administered. We are genuinely delighted to see new members and give a warm welcome to all.


We try to make all our normal functions, such as the monthly meetings and trips away, self financing but to cover the general running of the club members pay a subscription every year. This is set at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in September and is currently £30. Should a person join after February, the subscription is only £15.  There is also a one-off joining fee of £25.