Meeting Information

Meetings for the Year 2021 - 2022


June 24th

Our first meeting for 16 months!

No speaker

September 23rd


October 28th

Lawrence of Arabia

Valerie Young

November 25th

Romance and Scandal in Bournemouth

Hattie Miles

December 1st

Ladies Christmas Lunch


January 27th

History of Campanology

Lester Ruckley

February 24th

More tales from a Stunt Performer

Denise Ryan

March 24th

A Lesser Known Christchurch

Steven Roberts

April 28th

The Making of a Museum

John Ellis

May 26th

Anything Goes - Life of Cole Porter

Chris Walker

June 23rd

Joint Services Expeditions

Tim Hallpike

September 22nd


October 27th

The History of Gin

Bill Coombes

November 24th

Xmas connections with Bournemouth

Hattie Miles

December 7th

Ladies Christmas Lunch

Committee Meetings

10.00 am


 27th May 2021

10.00 am


14th October 2021

10.00 am


10th February 2022

10.00 am


12th May 2022

Lunch Menus

Click here if you would like to see the lunch menus for the coming year.

Menus for our Probus year 2022.pdf